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At Harmony Wealth Group, we believe a properly structured plan is much more important than any one product. We start by getting to know you and your personal situation. Everyone’s goals are different, which means your retirement plan should look different from anyone else’s.

Then we build a customized plan, including income planning for later in life, health care solutions, life insurance, and investment management. By tackling every facet of your retirement together, we aim to bring you added peace of mind and relief as you prepare for an exciting retirement!

Below are the specific services we offer.

Retirement Income Planning

Retirement income planning is one of the most important discussions to have. How you structure your assets can impact the success or failure of your plan. Properly structuring your assets can potentially maximize your income more than you thought while mitigating risk and protecting your assets for future generations.

• Income Strategies
• Financial Planning
• Social Security Maximization
• Annuities
• Fixed Indexed Annuities
• Veteran Benefit Planning
• Tax Services

Health Care Planning

Health care planning is a concerning issue with lots of options for many retirees. Should you choose Medicare Advantage or stay on your group plan? What prescription drug plan do you go with? What networks will you have, and should you go with traditional Medicare or a Medicaid supplement? Perhaps most importantly of all: what are you going to do about long-term care (which is not covered by Medicare). Improper planning for something like health care could be detrimental to your surviving spouse or leaving a legacy to your loved ones.

• Long-Term Care
• Health Insurance
• Medicare

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Life Insurance Planning

There’s no denying life insurance can be complicated. Most people don’t understand what kind of life insurance they have or what benefits their existing policies offer to meet their objectives. There are many types of products we can use to transfer risk away from you and mitigate risk. That way, you can spend more money in retirement. When is the last time you had your policies reviewed?

• Legacy Planning

Investment Planning

Investment planning is especially important to keep you properly aligned with your risk tolerances. Many people do not understand what investment planning really means and because of that, often exhaust their funds many years before their life expectancy. The key to investment planning is putting all the pieces of the puzzle together.

• Investment Management
• IRA/401(k) Rollover

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